Raise for a Cause Saint Lucia


As part of Saint Lucia's 41st Anniversary of Independence celebrations, the St Lucia Toronto Association has decided to launch our very first "Raise for a cause Saint Lucia Campaign" to raise funds for one Nonprofit Organization in Saint Lucia that we feel needs assistance.

The proceeds from the sale of Bowties will be donated to our this year's Nonprofit Organization of choice - Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia.

Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia, a Nonprofit Organization that advocates on behalf of victims of all forms of abuse and violence against women and children in Saint Lucia. Their ultimate goal is to advocates for a safer environment where children and women can grow and achieve their full potential; by empowering and educating them on their human rights, while supporting and encouraging them to report offenses to the relevant officials and rebuilding the lives of those affected by abuse, violence or rape.

Let us keep the Saint Lucian warmth alive and help raise funds for our fellow Saint Lucians that are faced with the battle of being abused... Let us help create a safe space for them!