Our History

Over 4 decades ago, a small group of St. Lucians began to meet socially on weekends. The group became a support system for the individuals who formed a part of it as they each sought to establish their lives in Canada. This social gathering was led by Morrison (Eldon) Augustin and the late Carmichael Mitchell.

In 1967, this group, together with new St. Lucian immigrants to Toronto began discussions about the need for governance and the establishment of an organization to service the needs of the St. Lucian community in Toronto.

On August 12, 1970, the organization was officially registered with the Provincial Government as a non-profit and charitable organization in the name ‘St. Lucia Toronto Organization’. In subsequent years, under the administrative management of Joe Mathurin, and due to certain complexities, the name was changed from St. Lucia Toronto Organization to its current name: St. Lucia Toronto Association.

The stated objectives of the organization at the time of its official registration were, in brief, to assist newcomers to Canada, promote social activities, to unite fraternally and to promote the mutual interests of its members. Today, our mission, vision and core values exist to build upon the original vision of the association’s pioneers.

The Saint Lucia Toronto Association (SLTA) is a non-profit organization that works within the multicultural landscape of Canada to preserve and promote the cultural traditions, language and heritage of the island of St. Lucia.


To promote programs that will provide value, cultural awareness, cultivate relationships and enhance pride within our community


To engage and unite all St. Lucians and friends of St. Lucia   through cultural community building

Core Values

Respect and Pride, Transparency and Accountability, Collaboration and Unity